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This is pretty cool, I like the melody, especially that little sound at 0:06 and 0:40, it's just perfect, I love it.

I think the genre is MidTempo, MidTempo Bass, etc. The drop is good, very good, I have nothing to say about it. The riser SFX in the build-up feels weird, like it doesn't fit pretty well.

This song is so cool and very original, keep it up!

You should upload your music, if you are a beginner it can help you to get feedback and try to improve with that.
The song needs a better mixing and better transitions, the drop needs to be stronger, for instance, take the part from 0:25 to 0:31, you can try to add a downlifter/impact effect when the drop starts, also you can add some hi-hats, add chords or layer some sounds to make the lead/main sound stronger. Not sure why this is dubstep, but this song is very original, keep it up!

98x responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback! As for the genre I honestly wasn't going for anything and dubstep seemed like the best fit for it.

I love the first part of the song, its pretty chill. The most notorious issue is that the snare is too loud in relation with the kick, i also like the pluck at the background, sounds perfect. but why this is Dubstep? it's missing the most important element in a dubstep track, the BASS, the heavy and sometimes distorted bass.

ThePlayTV responds:

Thank you now I know what I can improve for my next dubstep song thanks 👍🏻

Oh shiiiit, i've translated the title...
btw I think the song needs reverb, i mean, a LOT of reverb, i personally like reverb, have you ever heard of reverb? it makes things better with it reverberation, so much reverb, reverb reverb reverb...

This is so good, but i would recommend to make the drums and the song in general stronger, especially the second drop-
Despite of that its good, nice job!

Las vocales estan muy bajas y los drums necesitan mas fuerza, lo demas esta 10/10

Mabelma responds:

Gracias por el feedback!! Lo tendré en mente para la próxima canción 🙏

This is great, i love the melody, probably needs more sidechain, and i personally like to use reverb on the snare to make it stronger and deep, but nice job its really cool!

The idea is good, but the main sound it's out of sync from the drums, and about the drums, the 808 needs more force and the outro (0:50-1:25) is too long. Try to fix those things first.

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