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Sounds cool as fuck

Hexelbit responds:

Thx a lot :D

You should upload your music, if you are a beginner it can help you to get feedback and try to improve with that.
The song needs a better mixing and better transitions, the drop needs to be stronger, for instance, take the part from 0:25 to 0:31, you can try to add a downlifter/impact effect when the drop starts, also you can add some hi-hats, add chords or layer some sounds to make the lead/main sound stronger. Not sure why this is dubstep, but this song is very original, keep it up!

98x responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback! As for the genre I honestly wasn't going for anything and dubstep seemed like the best fit for it.

I love the first part of the song, its pretty chill. The most notorious issue is that the snare is too loud in relation with the kick, i also like the pluck at the background, sounds perfect. but why this is Dubstep? it's missing the most important element in a dubstep track, the BASS, the heavy and sometimes distorted bass.

ThePlayTV responds:

Thank you now I know what I can improve for my next dubstep song thanks 👍🏻

Las vocales estan muy bajas y los drums necesitan mas fuerza, lo demas esta 10/10

Mabelma responds:

Gracias por el feedback!! Lo tendré en mente para la próxima canción 🙏

feels like it needs to be a little more polished, i know making a song with vocals is much more difficult than a simple instrumental, but there's parts that it feels empty (1:56), and some transitions feels rough (2:42), but despite of that, its very good, i like its idea, the vocals are pretty cool tho.

HiddenVris responds:

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

what a funny joke

dyadko responds:


Its kinda repetitive and the bass is too loud aaaaaaa

mwb6763 responds:

Well I'm not gonna reupload it or else I'll get banned.

I love reverb, anything that has reverb automatically is S tier, you know, because of reverb, reverb reverb reverb...

coolrandomstuff responds:

reverb is my favorite effect to use. it just sounds so cool.

The guitar and that lo-fi vibe makes it sound good.

kidjanate responds:

Thank you for your feedback :D

na na na buenardo, el meme es un poco viejo, pero está piola

DJ-LuigiSound2 responds:

Si lo se xd

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